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Portable Media Security for High-Security Networks

Detect and prevent threats based in portable media devices to critical networks. Comply with NERC-CIP and NEI requirements for Transient Cyber Assets and portable media by creating a safe process to transfer data to and from secure networks. 

Cloud Access Control

Block at-risk devices from accessing your cloud applications such as Office 365, Dropbox, and Salesforce, preventing financial losses or fines from data breaches or noncompliant devices.

Advanced Threat Prevention for Email

Enhance your email security system with capabilities to fully eliminate advanced malware hidden in legitimate documents and file types. Add anti-malware multi-scanning and data sanitization for a second layer of defense against email threats. 

Portable Media Security for Enterprise Networks

Prevent portable media-based threats such as USBs by sanitizing data and scanning for vulnerabilities and malware using multiple anti-malware engines. Allow employee endpoints to scan any files entering the network via portable media.

Security Development Platforms

Build and enhance security products and solutions with OPSWAT's cyber security platforms for advanced threat prevention, Cloud Access Control, and threat intelligence.

Advanced Threat Prevention for
ICAP-Enabled Devices

Enhance ICAP-enabled devices with capabilities to fully eliminate advanced malware hidden in legitimate file types or external links. Detect malware, such as web-based exploit kits, or cleanse infected files.