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Specifically, we:

Are a leading vendor preventing advanced cyber security threats such as zero-day and targeted attacks

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Are the market leader in blocking risky, noncompliant devices from accessing corporate resources, including cloud applications

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Provide development platforms to empower other cyber security vendors and developers to help protect their solutions

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Securing Data Flow Through Multi-Channel Malware Prevention

Organizations today touch data from a variety of media and endpoints and through multiple channels, and therefore attempting to block security threats with a disparate set of security products makes consistency of prevention nearly impossible. OPSWAT provides a high-assurance blanket of high efficacy and consistency across an organization, offering an additional layer of security against data-borne threats. Our offerings are based on the notion that:

  • Any file could be infected or attempt to exploit a vulnerability to compromise a network
  • Single anti-malware, next-gen firewalls, IPS, and proxy anti-malware solutions do not provide adequate and fail-proof protection

Organizations have difficulty tracking and securing all data in-flows and out-flows that expose them to security threats, especially large enterprises with thousands of employees and contractors. Data transport mechanisms such as file uploads and downloads over web applications, USB or portable media devices, email attachments and content, and network traffic, all have the potential to carry threats like ransomware or targeted attacks that could bring down an entire network. This could result in damage to an organization’s reputation, financial standing, and customer relationships. For operators of critical infrastructure, the damage could be catastrophic, even resulting in loss of life.

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Enabling Secure Access for the Cloud/SaaS-Enabled Enterprise

The use of cloud applications in enterprises continues at an unmitigated rate. Employees are now able to deposit and access sensitive corporate data throughout the Web, including from their own Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) endpoints. While good for productivity, the traditional model of checking device compliance prior to corporate data access is broken. The risk of lost data has never been greater. 

OPSWAT restores this important security checkpoint, enabling organizations to better protect both corporate data stored in cloud applications and their own reputations. OPSWAT provides the leading platform for Cloud Access Control to organizations that are becoming cloud-enabled with applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, and Dropbox.

Cloud Access control diagram

Powering Cyber Security Solutions for the API-Driven World

As the world moves to developer-centric IT and security, OPSWAT enables this transition with tools and APIs for developers and cyber security partners to maximize malware identification and prevention.

Advanced Threat Prevention Development Platform

Bringing the power of its broad arsenal of technologies for securing data flow within enterprises, OPSWAT enables developers to leverage technologies for detecting file-based malware and vulnerable applications as integrations into their systems. OPSWAT enables auditable systems for the assessment and sanitization of all data going into and out of an enterprise through this platform.

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Cloud Access Control Development Platform

Securing data flow to organizations begins with a safe and secure device foundation. OPSWAT is the market leader in the assessment and auditing of enterprise device portfolios for security compliance. OPSWAT makes intellectual property in this area available to technology partners for development purposes.

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Threat Intelligence Development Platform

Building on its 15 years of leadership in application vulnerability identification, OPSWAT is setting the standard and pioneering a cloud development service that leverages OPSWAT’s core IP of file integrity, sanitization, and reputation information to enable highly secure systems and threat research.

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