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While all enterprises face damage in the aftermath of a cyber attack, an attack on critical infrastructure systems can have even larger implications, resulting in massive outages or even loss of human life. OPSWAT helps prevent cyber attacks like Stuxnet on high-value targets such as government networks and critical infrastructure, including air-gapped networks. These organizations have special requirements for file transfers to and from their networks by employees and guests using USB drives or other portable media. Because USBs remain an important mechanism for file transfer and for software patching in air-gapped environments, high-security organizations need a flexible but highly secure solution to prevent malware and cyber attacks through this vector.

Block Targeted Attacks Against High-Security Networks

How it Works: Preventing Threats on Portable Media Devices

Data Diode Use Case

Secure File Transfer into High-Security Networks

How it Works: Blocking Unknown USBs

OPSWAT offers the most proven and cost-effective solution for malware elimination and secure USB and file transfer into high-security networks. A majority of North American nuclear plants use Metadefender to protect their air-gapped networks.

OPSWAT is unmatched in its scope of coverage and range of flexible deployment options for creating the most secure and user-friendly security process for visitors and insiders transporting potentially risky portable media into these environments. For maximum flexibility, organizations can choose between free-standing kiosks and tablets, with add-on options for quarantining files, certifying USB devices, and creating auditable records of all personnel files that are scanned and verified.

OPSWAT’s offerings in this area take advantage of Metadefender's scalable back-end technologies, including:


Minimize risks by stripping exploitable content such as scripts, hyperlinks, or malicious macros from files on portable media while preserving file usability.

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Scan files on portable media with OPSWAT’s collection of 30+ fast and accurate industry-leading anti-malware engines.

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Scan files and identify commonly exploited vulnerabilities for over 15K applications that may be installed from a portable media source.

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