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Enterprises need a large-scale solution for protecting inbound and outbound HTTP traffic from malicious file uploads and infected web content. Existing web and reverse proxies don’t have security features for malware prevention and advanced threats such as ransomware and weaponized document files. Even next generation firewalls and UTMs (Unified Threat Management devices) only use 1 to 2 antivirus engines, resulting in low detection rates of web-based threats. For IT security teams, this can mean relying on employees who may lack security training or technical knowledge to identify advanced threats that go undetected.

Test Your Web Gateway, Proxy, or Next-Generation Firewall

How Metadefender ICAP Server Protects You From Malicious Web Traffic

Metadefender ICAP Server provides the best prevention of advanced and unknown threats in web traffic, increasing malware detection rates to well over 95% and eliminating threats hidden in documents. Combining results from over 30 anti-malware engines also reduces your exposure to new outbreaks by leveraging the geographical diversity of engine vendor headquarters. Metadefender ICAP Server is easily integratable with many leading web gateways, proxy servers, and next generation firewalls, including:

Customers of Metadefender ICAP Server can take advantage of the following security features:

Data Sanitization (CDR)

Strips exploitable content such as scripts and hyperlinks from file uploads and downloads, minimizing risks caused by exploiting system vulnerabilities or user error while preserving file usability.

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Anti-malware Multi-scanning

Scans web traffic with over 30 anti-malware engines using both signatures and heuristics for the best protection from outbreaks and known threats without affecting the performance of existing systems.

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Vulnerability Engine

Scans files and identifies commonly exploited vulnerabilities for over 15K applications, identifying network exposure to advanced threats that use vulnerabilities as an attack vector.

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