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Enterprises must adapt traditional security strategies to a world where employees, customers, and suppliers interact directly through the web and new advanced threats target secure business portals and other corporate assets. To combat these trends, developers and technology partners alike can leverage industry-leading malware identification and threat prevention technology through OPSWAT's APIs.

Our Solution

We offer platforms for advanced threat prevention, cloud access control, and threat intelligence that are available for both cloud and on-premises deployments to secure data and devices and perform in-depth threat analysis.

Our APIs allow developers to take advantage of multiple anti-malware engines, comprehensive vulnerability databases, data sanitization technology (CDR), and aggregated unique threat data. 

Metadefender APIs for Advanced Threat Prevention

Our APIs for multi-channel malware prevention enable developers to build solutions and detect advanced threats such as file-based malware and application vulnerabilities with flexible back-end options.

With Metadefender On-Premises API, you can leverage Metadefender back-end servers installed and hosted in your organization’s data center or cloud infrastructure. Take advantage of your preferences for scalability configuration based on the needs of your specific organization. Unlike other solutions on the market, all analysis of metadata is done locally; data is not reported back to OPSWAT or any third-party vendor, ensuring that sensitive data does not leave the deployed environment. 

With Metadefender Cloud API, you can harness OPSWAT’s fast and fully configured back-end services and outsource the heavy lifting to us.

Key Features

  • REST interfaces for both APIs for fast and convenient integration
  • 100 data sanitization engines for regeneration or conversion of over 22 file types
  • Built-in integration with over 30 anti-malware engines from leading vendors
  • Audit and report on vulnerabilities for over 1M binaries and 15K applications
  • Priority queuing and private scanning for commercial and enterprise customers

Metadefender Cloud API for Threat Intelligence

Designed for enterprise malware researchers, incident response teams, and technology providers, our Metadefender Cloud API leverages our core technologies for file integrity, data sanitization, and application reputation information. Developers can use our RESTful API to build highly secure systems that can consume and respond to our Threat Intelligence Feeds built from over 40 verified sources.

To try the Metadefender Cloud API, you can prototype an integration below or upload files for free to test our technology.

Key Features

  • Threat detection from 30+ leading anti-malware engines
  • The fastest binary hash lookup engine with billions of entries for threats and vulnerabilities
  • Identify commonly exploited binary vulnerabilities
  • Strip common document types of embedded scripts and malware with data sanitization
  • Priority queuing and private scanning for commercial and enterprise customers
  • IP reputation and application information

Cloud Access Control for Technology Partners

As today’s computing environments become more BYOD-enabled, the ability to enforce auditable and high-quality verifications of end user endpoints before they touch sensitive data are ever more important. OPSWAT enables vendors and enterprises alike to capitalize on our 15+ years of experience in endpoint assessments.

Our Cloud Access Control offers technology providers market-leading posture assessment capabilities across Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Developers can integrate device checks into NAC, SSL-VPN, CASB, and SSO solutions to enable compliance enforcement and access control per device policy requirement.