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USB port use by employees and guests is risky because it can circumvent all endpoint security defenses and transfer malware into an otherwise secure corporate network. Current endpoint protection solutions offer limited, coarse options for USB security, and don’t detect all threats. A modern USB security solution must raise the level of threat identification and remediation, including technology for accurately assessing vulnerabilities present within files and applications on a USB and sanitizing data files while leaving documents usable. These security capabilities allow IT departments to protect enterprise networks from risky USB use while still allowing USB port access. OPSWAT complements its high-security network offerings with innovative solutions for enterprise USB security.

Protect Your Network from Portable Media Threats

How it Works: Preventing USB Threats

OPSWAT offers enterprises an entirely new option for dealing with USB port security risk. With Metadefender USB Client, organizations struggling with uncontrolled and unmanaged USB use by employees or visiting guests can leave USB ports enabled, but verify USB safety and enable secure file transfers to and from the corporate network. The same threat detection and prevention options available in our market-leading Metadefender product line are available for enterprises to protect every endpoint.

Metadefender USB Client offers organizations the following powerful technologies:

Data Sanitization (CDR)

Minimize risks by stripping exploitable content such as scripts, hyperlinks, or malicious macros from files on portable media while preserving file usability.

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Scan files on portable media with OPSWAT’s collection of 30+ fast and accurate industry-leading anti-malware engines.

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Scan files and identify commonly exploited vulnerabilities for over 15K applications that may be installed from a portable media source.

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