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Data Sanitization

OPSWAT developed the most advanced data sanitization (CDR) engines on the market, protecting organizations from threats in productivity files. Data sanitization improves productivity and operations by making malware-infected files usable again. OPSWAT ‘s Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology, eliminates potentially insecure aspects of files and reconstructs them with their original functionality.


  • Ransomware prevention through sanitization of email links, attachments, and body text
  • Market-leading support for complex file formats, including PowerPoint presentations with animations
  • Over 22 supported file types for regeneration or conversion by 100+ data sanitization engines
  • Anonymization of sensitive file data, such as GPS coordinates for images
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We combine multiple anti-malware engines into one platform, giving organizations the most robust technology for reducing exposure time to new outbreaks and accounting for detection limitations in single engines. OPSWAT is a leader in improving anti-malware efficacy, essentially pioneering the concept of scanning files with multiple anti-malware engines to achieve better security.


  • Variable scanning packages with over 30 anti-malware engines based on security needs
  • Flexible cloud and on-premises options for deployment
  • Configurable signature-based detection and heuristic analysis
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Vulnerability Engine

The Vulnerability Engine is the first step in identifying applications that could be targeted by malware. This unique patent-pending technology correlates vulnerabilities to binaries to provide fast, accurate vulnerability assessments for thousands of applications including Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, Java, and Skype.


  • Support for over 1 million binaries, 15K applications, and approximately 10K CVEs
  • Patented scanning for systems that are powered off
  • Scanning of application installers for detecting application vulnerabilities prior to installation
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Workflow Engine

The Workflow Engine allows organizations to customize user security profiles and processing for different file types and sources. Our technology, including data sanitization and the Vulnerability Engine, offers unparalleled flexibility because the Workflow Engine lets end-users define how they want to handle data and user security. For example, external files can be processed differently than internal files, users can be required to follow certain criteria depending on their security clearance, and file types can be processed differently based on rule definitions.


  • Support for over 400 million workflow combinations for users, devices, and network sources
  • Built-in load balancing for analysis scale
  • Ability to apply different security policies across accounting, marketing, and IT departments
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Endpoint Assessment Security

OPSWAT’s endpoint assessment technology is the gold standard for ensuring that endpoints remain compliant and secure prior to the access of business-critical resources on-premises or in the cloud. OPSWAT’s technology reports on endpoint device data such as device information (Hostname, MAC/IP Address), and device security status as indicated by the presence and status of installed anti-malware, anti-phishing, public file sharing, and disk encryption applications.


  • 200M endpoints deployed and support for 5K third-party applications
  • Patented technology to determine endpoint encryption status
  • Real Time Protection (RTP) status check for installed anti-malware engine
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Cloud-Based Threat Intelligence

With extensive visibility into the latest application vulnerabilities and malware techniques through its broad endpoint footprint, OPSWAT’s core technology includes a unique threat intelligence platform in the cloud that unifies proprietary and third-party security data. OPSWAT brings its unique view of binary and IP reputation, vulnerability data, and malware together in a fast and accessible API-based delivery model to organizations consuming threat intelligence for advanced security defense.


  • Performs fastest cloud hash lookup on the market
  • Leverages more than 40 anti-malware engines and databases 
  • Includes billions of hashes on clean and infected files, consolidated from multiple geographic regions
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